Thursday, 7 November 2013

Silly trick

Thursday 7th November 2013
"Silly trick", "senior moment of the week", call it what you will, but I pulled it last Sunday. Chatting to Dave, one of the new arrivals, I asked why he was running his engine.  He told me he was having to charge his batteries because he didn't have any electric cards. I'm a bit slow, and was on my way into town so it didn't cross my tiny (mind) to offer him one. Later on I remembered and went round, but they were out. In the evening I tried again and this time they were in. I offered one of our £20 cards, which he accepted, but then asked if I could show him how they worked. This is where I had my "moment". Without thinking, or checking, I just lifted the flap and shoved in the card. When no power appeared on his board the light dawned. I'd put the card in his neighbour's (for the life of me I can't remember his name) slot!
Luckily the neighbour was very good about it and bought the card from me. (Big red face!)

Having enjoyed the play with Daniel last week, we had noticed a short sci-fi/murder mystery play called The Noise was playing this week, so we booked to attend on Tuesday.
It was a good play. Only 5 actors, with one of them playing 2 parts. It was set on a fictional island which had an all pervading noise around it.
There has been some activity on the river recently. C&RT workboats have been out working on Leeds Lock and also taking samples from the riverbed in preparation for repairs to Crown Point Weir.
 Dredging around the bottom gates of Leeds Lock
As can be seen here, there are several large gaps in weir crest.

I finally got around to doing the winter oil change on the engine. It's good to get fresh oil into it for when it is sitting around doing not a lot in the cold weather.
On Wednesday Damon came around to take us back to their house where I could take a look at a problem with their shower, and he could take a look at problems with my laptop and Cath's tablet. Also we managed to get to the local recycling centre and get rid of the several cans of waste oil from all the changes we have to do over the summer's cruising.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Non Event

Sunday 3rd November 2013
The expected huge storm and associated high winds didn't happen up here in the north. We reckon that all the fuss was because it happened in the south, which is where it really matters. Well, that's the impression we get listening to the national news.
Cath's frozen shoulder got worse during Monday, and on Tuesday she already had a booked appointment with the quack. He gave here some gell to put on it, and over the week it has steadily improved.
On Wednesday I had an appointment for a minor MOT, all was as well as could be expected. Blood pressure good, but as always lung function a bit poor. In fact she told me that the machine reckoned my breathing age to be 90! Oh well, I'm still vertical. She gave me another inhaler to try.
Wednesday also saw us looking after No. 1 grandson. It's half term so the family pitches in while Liz and Damon have to go out and earn the bread.
Monday and Tuesday it was Grandad John who did the duty, and it was our turn on Wednesday. We decided to take him to a children's play at the West Yorkshire Playhouse here in Leeds. He's a bit of a fan of Charlie and Lola, the stars of a TV programme and some books. The play was wonderfully done, and he thoroughly enjoyed his time.
More boats have arrived at the moorings here. There's and interesting coincidence on the end two pontoons. Two boats, side by side, one called Rebekah and the other Rebecca. What are the chances of that happening.
Earlier in the week the river had dropped enough for the gates to our dock to be reopened, but this morning they have once again been shut, and there are high level warnings out for the Aire and Calder as far as Ferrybridge.