Friday, 25 November 2011

Friday 25th November
We're still travelling around Leeds using the buses to get the lie of the land. We took a trip out to the White Rose Centre for a browse around. Interesting place, but a bit far out to do the weekly big shop. 
After that I discovered that there is a fairly large Morrison's right in the middle of Leeds, opposite The Light, in The Merrion Centre, so apart from the size or weight constraint we can get most things there.
We went to the market again today, love the place, and we managed to find some things to get for Christmas presents.
This morning I got around to starting to treat some of the rust patches which have appeared over the past season. Unfortunately the rain didn't hold off, so I may well have to re-treat that area.
Just as we were making our way back from the market the wind really got up and we got a bit wet in the shower. It's now blowing quite hard and the rain showers are quite vicious so we're not going anywhere for the rest of the day.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Tuesday 22nd. November
The quiet life in Clarence Dock continues. Work on the boat isn't progressing at a pace, too lazy I guess.
We had a fine time babysitting Daniel on Saturday night. At the same time I finally finished re-hanging the driveway gate at Damon's and made a start on an oil change on his car. You may well ask how you only start an oil change. Well, the first problem encountered was the failure of my new electric oil change pump. This thing has been a disappointment, I've only used it once on our boat engine, and now it's failed totally. Luckily I took along my manual pump as well so we got the oil out of the sump. Next stage, change the filter. No go. My filter wrench won't go small enough to grip the little filter on this model, and there's no room to get a strap wrench in there. So we left the filter in place and we'll try to get the right size socket to fit the filter later.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Wednesday 16th November
Spent some more time today exploring. We're looking for a good sized out of town supermarket because the in town ones are usually small and expensive.
Today I took the bus looking for the Asda at Holt Park. Nice bus ride, it's been a long time since I sat on the top deck of a bus at the front just looking at the scenery. Not a bad size of supermarket there, so it's one we may use for bigger shopping excursions.
The next one to try is at White Rose Centre where we are told there is a large Sainsury's.
Finally fixed the problem with our heating unit. The air inlet filter for the compressor was clogged up. As soon as I removed it the flame intensified and the water started to get hotter almost immediately. It seems that the maker changed things slightly around the time ours was made. They changed from a third party compressor to their own make one, and changed the inlet filter at the same time. The spare filter which I bought with the unit turned out to be for the old model, so I had to modify the fitting to make it work. All is well again now, and we're toasting nicely!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Monday 14th November
Life is settling down to the routine of a fixed mooring. Bits and bobs of maintenance, shopping trips into town and visits to local attractions.
Last weekend we were visited by Paul and Jacqui. They came, as always, loaded down with food and drink. A great time was had, including a night out at Mumtaz, the Indian restaurant on our doorstep. It's great place, the food was excellent and the atmosphere wonderful. The only slight niggle came when we wanted to pay. Something didn't go right with the system, we don't know what, but we ended up waiting more than 20 minutes to pay our bill. They were very apologetic and gave us some lovely sweetmeats to take home.
On Saturday Martyn from Travelsat turned up to deliver a quad LNB for our satellite system. I've recently bought a Sky+ box on ebay so needed the extra input. Once we had installed the extra lead and connected it all up a quick phone call to Sky to pair our card with the new box and activate the record function and it was all working properly. We've now dumped our failing old DVD recorder which leaves an ideal place to store my computer when not in use.
Once again we seem to be having trouble with our heating system. It appears to work OK, fires up and runs, but the radiators aren't getting as hot as they used to. I've cleaned out the burner, which was very clogged up, but it still isn't right.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Thursday 3rd, November
A busy day today. First I had to disconnect and remove the control panel for the central heating system, then lift off the back doors and remove the wooden doors surrounds. All this gave sufficient room for the washing machines to pass out of and into the boat.
The delivery team arrived just before noon and the two machines changed places without too much trouble.
Once the delivery men had departed, taking the old machine with them, I started connecting the new one to all services. Soon it was time to put the first load in it and see how it performed.
All went well, as expected it is quieter and faster than the old one so all we can hope for is that is more reliable as well.
We've also made a start on applying the double glazing film to the saloon windows and two of them are finished. Hopefully it will stop, or at least lessen that bugbear of narrowboats, condensation.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Wednesday 2nd November
Yesterday we went up to Damon's where I started to re-hang his driveway gate. Only started, because the hinges we bought are not man enough for the job so I'll go back some time and have another stab at it.
We're setted in to our mooring now, but haven't seen any neighbours to speak to yet, except for one, whose story brings food for thought. He's been thrown off several mooring around here, can't pay fees, but BW say they want him where they can see him. He told me that as soon as Housing Benefit pay up for the mooring he'll be off again!
This morning we'll go into town to try and sign in at a local surgery. We are expecting a certain amount of unwillingness from them as when we went to enquire about it, the desk clerk tried several things to put us off but finally gave us forms to fill in. The lack of mailing address here is one of the points brought up, not having any documents like driving licence or bank statement with this address on is another.
I've found a new washer/dryer to replace our sick one and will go and buy it today. I hope this one will be more reliable than the last.