Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Tuesday 23rd November

Despite the earlier optimism about the heating system the noise returned. I decided to leave the darnn thing alone and see what developed. Thankfully it hasn't got worse and in fact seems to be slightly quieter. I'm going to just let it go and if/when it fails we we will probably bite the bullet and go and get a Hurricane Heater. We've heard nothing but good about theses things as they seemed to be designed to run on lower quality fuel and are more efficient than the usual boat heating units.

Paul and Jacqui came up over the weekend and brought fuel with them as well. The boat is once again full but all the spare cans are empty so I'll have to go over to Wheaton Aston soon.

We can thoroughly recommend The Clifford Arms pub at Great Haywood. The four of us fed there on Saturday night and all enjoyed the food.

On Monday Cath and I drove up to Leeds to spend a few days with our Grandson, Daniel, and of course Damon and Liz. What a ball of energy he is, running them ragged at every opportunity.

Today was spent in town doing some Christmas shopping. Still much more to do though. We'll stay here until Wednesday before returning to the boat.

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