Sunday, 31 March 2013

Sunday 31st March 2013
We're back from our holiday in Morocco. What a shock it was to hit the cold that all you people have been enduring.
While away we had been keeping an eye on the weather and were concerned because when we left there was no hint of the temperatures that would be reached, so hadn't left the heating on frost setting.
We managed to get on to son Damon to go and turn it on. Luckily he reported that he couldn't detect any damage up to that point.
When we arrived home last night it was to a lovely toasty boat because once again Damon had turned the heating to normal for us.
Now the work starts, preparing to depart for our summer's cruising. I know, it's late for many who have been out there for a month now, but we're wimps I suppose and need warmer weather. Mind you it doesn't look like we are going to get it any time soon. As long as it isn't tipping it down we will probably set off some time this week.
I was going to ad some pics to this post just to annoy those who have been shivering, but my internet connection is playing up, and may be doing so for a while according to 3.

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