Saturday, 17 May 2014

Castleford to Pollington Lock

Another glorious day as we cast off from Castleford and headed into Bulholme Lock where we dropped down once again onto the river.

This part of the river passes close to Ferrybridge Power Station, which dominates the view from the river.

The third power station to be built on this site, it's known as Ferrybridge C.

Approaching Ferrybridge Lock I was surprised to find the gates shut. This is a flood lock, and the river is hardly moving. The landing for this lock is very high, you have to stand on the roof of the boat to get off.
We cycled through, and as we chugged away the CRT operators turned up and open the gates wide. It's a question of timing!
After Ferrybridge the canal passes Knottingley and here the navigation splits. Straight ahead is the way to Bank Dole Lock which lets you down to join, once again, The River Aire, and hence the Selby Canal and River Ouse.
We turned right, down the Knottingley and Goole Canal. The book is not very clear on this point and denotes it as both the Aire and Calder and the Knottingley and Goole.
Just after the junction the canal passes Kellingley Colliery. This was one of the newest generation coal mines and is sadly marked for closure in about 2015. 
A real shame as the area is dotted with coal burning power stations, all seem to be using imported coal, because it's cheap.

Kellingley, a doomed colliery

We continued down the canal, which is wide with long straight bits between the slight bends. The land is flat and the wind whips across the water whenever it gets the chance. Today the sun is shining and the wind almost non existent.
After passing through Whitley Lock and Pollington Lock we have moored up on the visitor moorings just below Pollington.

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