Saturday, 5 June 2010

At last I've started the painting of our sides. When we got back from Leeds on Tuesday we discovered that the boat which had been lying along the quay next us had been sold and was gone. This gave us the chance to lie along side, so we no longer need to go down river to find somewhere to paint. I HATE PAINTING! but is must be done. One side is now virtually complete with just a few little spots of rust left to dig out and paint over. The name on our front has been re-done, but another coat will be needed. Last night we turned around to get to the other side and we'll start on that soon.
This morning I dismounted our Eberspacher heater and stripped it down for overhaul/cleaning. The combustion chamber was in a very clogged up state which accounts for the occasional very smoky or even failed startup. Once again it's purring into life and should last another year before needing that again.

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