Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sunday November 4th 2012
Sunday morning, and it's darn cold out there. 2.5 degrees C
Yesterday we were due to go to Saltaire for a look around the art gallery. both Cath and Damon are interested in art.
Damon rang in the morning to tell us that Daniel had been poorly in the night, so it wasn't a good idea to take a long car trip. We decided to go round to their house instead, and maybe go to Roundhay Park if Dan perked up.
He duly appeared to bounce back through the morning, so we set off to feed the ducks in the lake and then have a spot of lunch in The Lakeside, a fine cafe on the lake edge.
In the afternoon we settled back at the house. Dan had a long afternoon nap to get over the exertion of running around in the park.
Later we had dinner and then returned to the boat.
This morning I dived onto the engine compartment to finally clear up some of the accumulated detritus in the bottom. I've been putting it off for years!
It looks a lot better now, certainly not pristine, but a big improvement.
Tomorrow we will pick up a hire car and travel down to Bristol to visit friends and try to sort out a glitch with the house.

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