Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Tuesday 20th November 2012
Hopefully a successful day. I say hopefully because we've spent a lot of time trying to re-do our shrink film double glazing.
Some may remember that this is something we apply every winter to try to stop the rivers of condensation from our metal window frames, and also it helps with heat retention.
This year's first effort wasn't a success. The first  attempt went slack very quickly, and trying to re-tighten it didn't work for long.
We tried several times with different methods, and the one which seems to work best is with double strips of the stick tape, spaced apart.
With one window now looking as if it might be ok we decided to have a go at the rest. All seems fine at the moment, but time will tell. The picture shows one window finished, but despite both of us saying "don't forget to put the sun catcher back up before applying the film, guess what, there it is on the back of my chair!
I'm also having trouble with my 3 broadband, so after several complaints to the aforesaid company they have agreed  to give me a rebate on this month's bill because of the maintenance issue with a local mast. Result! but I'd rather have the speed. 

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