Monday, 17 March 2014

Out again

We'd been asked to look after Daniel this weekend while Damon and Liz went away for a friend's birthday celebration.
With the lovely weather we had been enjoying recently we decided that if it wasn't looking too bad we'd take him out on the boat.
As the week wore on the sunshine got less and less, but at least rain wasn't forecast so we decided to take the plunge (not too figuratively we hoped!).
Friday afternoon saw him delivered to us and on Saturday morning we pulled the plug and set off for Castleford.
True to form the weather didn't actually play ball. It didn't rain, but the wind got up and the sun disappeared.
With Dan helping Cath with the locks (they are all electric) we reached Castleford at about 2.00 o'clock. I then took Dan for a ride on a bus into town, it's something he doesn't get to do normally as mum and dad of course have cars.

Sunday morning we set off in a rising wind heading for Stanley Ferry where there is a good pub and a Wacky Warehouse for Dan to play in. We had organised for to meet Damon and Liz here for lunch.
The trip along the Calder bit of the Aire and Calder canal was not that pleasant. The wind was quite biting. At King's Road Lock the wind whipped the water into white peaks. The local boaters call this place windy lock, and we can see why.
Arriving at Stanley Ferry I took Daniel into the Wacky Warehouse for a play around until mum and dad arrived.
When they did we moved into the pub, only to be told that the wait for lunch orders was about 30 minutes, the queue for the bar was around 10 minutes so we decided to go and find somewhere else.
What a good decision that was! A search on Google turned up the Thatched House pub about a mile away. It was a real winner. A carvery was on, and 4 adults and a child cost under £35 including desert. The meal was excellent, and having piled on the meat, the chef asked if that was enough?
After looking at the weather forecast we decided to return to Leeds in one go, starting out fairly early(well, for us anyway). It took us nearly 5 hours, and it was fairly cold, but we got back before the wind got too much.
On a different note, we've found a house and had our offer accepted. The vendor still hasn't found a place to buy, so things will no doubt take a while.

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