Friday, 7 March 2014


Spring seems to be in the air. At least the BBC say so.
Yes, the weather is looking better, and boats everywhere are starting out on their summer cruising.
Sadly though, not us. We're out house hunting.
We had an offer on our house, which we accepted, so now it's time to find one up here.
Damon has taken us out a couple of times in the car. Transport like that is a real boon when attending viewings. Others we have to carefully plan bus timings to arrive at the property at the right time.
So far we have seen about 10 places. One which we viewed last Friday really rang all the bells, but unfortunately someone who viewed it before us also thought the same, and the owner accepted their offer as they were the first.
Yesterday we went to see a bungalow, which seemed to be fantastic in description, but it was on the edge of what we could afford. On viewing it we were disappointed to find that it needed a huge amount of work/money spent on it, so we had to drop that one.
Today we've seen another bungalow which we like very much, but it does have some down sides, like a built in dish washer, yet nowhere to put a tumble dryer. We are keeping it in mind though.
We have 3 more to see next week.
Tomorrow there's a double birthday celebration at Damon and Liz's house. It's Daniel's 5th and Damon's 30 something. John, Sara and Auntie Brenda will be in attendance as well. Cath is making a banana trifle, it might survive my attentions if Cath keeps her eye on it.

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