Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Season of the deer

Tuesday 1st July 2014
The beginning of another month and the weather is once again quite good. We rose fairly early and after breakfast we set off to start the bridge strewn short bit of canal from Bramwith Junction to Southfield Junction where the SSYN joins the A&C.
We had a bit of luck on this passage. We met traffic at Kirkhouse Green lift bridge so that was done for us, and then at Sykehouse lock some CRT maintenance men were carrying out repairs to one of the gates and before they started to dismantle the workings they operated the lock and bridge for us. Lovely service. I think the next boats we met coming down may have been out of luck as the men were starting their work and it would be out of operation for an hour or so.
As the headline says, this must be the season of deer. Last week we saw one in the Fossdyke and today there was another in the A&C.

This little Roe buck was certainly panicking, as there didn't appear to be any way out for it. There was nothing we could do for it though as we couldn't get near it to get it out. There are places where it may be able to scramble out, but it was heading the wrong way.
Two more boats came in the other direction and took up the shepherding. I hope all was well.
We plodded on through Pollington and Whitley locks and have stopped for the night at Ferrybridge/
The saga of our house purchase continues as we must now fill in all the questionnaires again for a different solicitor. Oh joy!

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