Monday, 30 June 2014

At last a sunny day

Monday 30th June 2014
A fine day, if a little cool this morning. The sun soon warmed it up though and I had to put my baseball cap on back to front to keep the sun off my neck, almost unheard off is that.
The canal was covered in duck weed and Lyra ploughed a furrow through it.

We negotiated the 6 swing/lift bridges between Keadby and Thorne, which then left only the troublesome Princess Bridge in Thorne. This time it behaved itself, almost. I managed to get the gates lined up well enough for the bridge to open, and luckily a lady on a boat moored near the bridge landing had warned me that when the bridge panel lit up 'bridge closed' it was lying. At that point you still can't open the gates because not all the sensors have been made. You have to keep your finger on the close button for a lot longer and the bridge finally closes the last inch or two and allows the gates to open. Once again several local people commented that the bridge needs some dynamite to fix it properly!
We moored up on the visitor moorings while I walked into town to raid Sainsbury's. When I got back we had managed to gain a pair for the next two locks and a bridge.
After Bramwith lock we turned the corner onto the SSYN and then moored up for the night.
Cath is enthralled watching Andy Murray play Kevin Anderson at Wimbledon right now.

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