Thursday, 29 December 2011

New steps in build
Thursday 29th December,
Yesterday we both were picked up by Damon and while he and I went to the toy shop (B&Q) Cath did Granny duty. I managed to get most of what I wanted, most importantly a workbench, as without something to clamp the work cutting and routing are all but impossible. We got home a bit late so decided to have a takeaway. The nearest is Mumtaz so we gave it go, WOW, not only reasonable prices, a fast service, but probably the best take out we've ever had.
Busy day today then, I started out assembling the workbench, which took longer than I thought it should, but doesn't it always. Then on to the main job. Despite using the vacuum cleaner attached to the tools I still managed to cover everything in sawdust. This was expected and while the vac attachment on the circular saw works very well, the one on the router is totally useless. I've packed in for the day now and will continue tomorrow.

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