Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sunday 4th December
Since my last post I've started to suffer my usual winter reaction to the cold. Cath is doing her best to try and make sure I don't get my chest cold but I'm still coughing badly. I may have to go and see the quack this coming week.
During the last week I've once again pumped out the bottom of our fuel tank to try to keep the damaging effects of the new additives in the present supplies. For those out there who aren't familiar with the problems this new fuel causes us it seems that the bio addition to diesel causes the fuel to dissolve any of the accumulated gunk that was in the fuel tank, and hence allow it into the fuel system blocking filters, damaging the injection pump and injectors. Engine stops! Expensive repairs! On top of that, it can also damage old rubber hoses and seals, and if you don't have the more modern neoprene ones there's trouble ahead.
The pumping does get a fair bit of c**p from the bottom of the tank, and after letting it settle in another container there is a fair bit that can be recovered.
We've just had a great weekend with Damon and Daniel doing our grand parent babysitting bit. As you can see from pic above we managed to make him tired enough to go to bed without any problems.
The Met Office is promising us snow this coming week, I'll believe it when I see it.

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