Friday, 20 January 2012

20th January 2012
Cath's birthday outing to Mumtaz produced the expected fine meal. Damon, Liz and Daniel came along and as usual Daniel performed like a little star. Good luck to Liz next week as she is doing an intensive potty training exercise on the little man.
I've finally made a start on the new vanity sink top. I built the original using wall tiles as the surrounding surface, and while it has proved durable we have found it difficult to keep mould at bay in hard to reach places, and the grout is getting discoloured. My upgrade idea is to use a very large floor tile, (600 X 600) which nearly covers the area in one tile, and because of the tile edges I should be able to make the one join very tight. The main worry is, will I be able to cut a sink size hole in one tile without breaking it? Only time will tell. I had hoped to use a single piece of table top glass as the top surface but the supplier wouldn't cut a hole in it, so that makes me think I may have a big problem with the tile.

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