Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Monday 30th January 2012
Our central heating unit finally failed completely on Saturday. Of course it would choose a weekend when you can't get in touch with the dealer.
Managed to get hold of them this morning and they sent a new part and engineer straight out. By mid afternoon a new compressor had been fitted and it was once again pumping out heat. It is remarkable how quiet the thing is now, we can hardly hear it running and I suspect the old unit had been failing for some time and the noise had increased slowly so that we didn't notice it until it became really bad.
The other thing to fail over the weekend was my broadband dongle. I phoned Orange who told me that as I was at the end of my contract I was due for an upgrade and I could go to an Orange shop and get another. On the way there this morning I called in on 3 just to see what they offered, and it sounded good. Went to Orange who couldn't get anywhere near the deal offered by 3 so I closed that contract and have now gone to 3. The download times are much faster, it only remains to seen what the coverage is like when we set off again in March.


  1. We CC with a 3 mifi dongle & have never failed to get a signal, albeit a bit slow in some areas.

  2. Hi Bob and Cath,

    You made the right chose with your dongle! I have been with My3 for many years now and almost always get a signal; I can only remember one spot where it kept dropping out and I think it was a corrugated farm barn that was blocking the "Line of Sight" path for the signal

    I'm not sure whether you are aware that they also have a "Huwai" dongle that up/downloads 40% faster - I upgraded to this and am more than satisfied. I am on contract now and get 15GBs pcm for £15.98 and this includes the *fast* dongle

    Hope you have a good boating year in 2012, after the cold snap has gone! We are on the Leicester section of the GU at the present time, near Foxton (Been stuck here for 6 months - lack of water) but hope to be moving again in a weeks time, after a repair has been completed on Snowdrop's engine
    Regards, ~Allan~

    1. Great to see a comment on our blog, thanks for the info.


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