Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunday 11th March 2012
It's been a wonderful weekend. To celebrate both Daniel's and Damon's birthday, we went off for day in York and a visit to the Railway Museum. Daniel is, of course, in love with Thomas the Tank Engine, so after an initial look at the big ones he wasn't sure but he soon spotted a little engine and it all clicked.
Back home we gathered for a Chinese takeaway before Carol kindly ran us back to the boat.
Today Damon brought Daniel here to the boat and Daniel had a great run around the open area in front of the museum on his new balance bike. He's a bit short yet to ride it comfortably but he can only grow.
I spent this morning finally making a start on the painting. I did a bit of patching on the worst bit of the roof and then turned my attention to the hull side where I did one half of one side. This is as far as I can go without moving the boat because the jetty is too short to reach the front.

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