Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tuesday 28th February 2012
Last night we went for a meal at The Stanley Ferry. Nice place, the food is almost certainly 3663 or Brake Bros, but for all that it's damned good value.
A much more pleasant day today. We set off this morning on the return journey to Leeds. At the first lock we hooked up with another boat that was heading for Castleford so we shared the next couple of locks before we turned for Leeds at the Castleford junction. We then continued as far as Woodlesford where we have stopped for the night. I took a wander up the hill to the village store because I had run out of fruit for after dinner tonight. Got a bit of a shock when I discovered that bananas you could get for 50p a bunch on Leeds market were 50p each here!
On the way up the river I managed to get some pictures of young swans practising their take off technique.

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