Sunday, 19 December 2010

Addendum to Sunday

This morning our Eberspacher heating unit failed catastrophically. I think the fan motor has seized and the damned thing has let us down for the last time (that's the third fan motor in 5 years)!

We decided to go into town to buy an electric fan heater to tide us over until a new heater can be fitted. Got out to the car and..... it wouldn't start! Too cold, flat battery! There was a small get together at lunch in the marina office so we wandered over for a chat while we called John to see if he could help by giving us a lift into town to get a heater. Of course he headed our way as soon as he heard of our plight.

Heater purchased we got back to the boat and plugged it in. Heat, glorious heat. Well, for a while, after about half and hour our main trip came out so I thought maybe the heater was dragging too much power while other things were running so I turned it down while the slow cooker was on and turned it up again later. It tripped again after about half an hour of full power and this time wouldn't reset. The trip is well hidden down in the electric cupboard so I had to do a bit of digging. Once I got it out the cause was apparent. The trip had been installed by the boat builder and I had assumed it was 16 amps, but it wasn't it was only 10. No wonder it didn't like the load. I'll get a new one tomorrow.

Now we've decided that the Eberspacher is history! We will replace it with a Hurricane heater which is meant to be the dog's whatsits, it ought to be at the price, but if it's as good as advertised it will be worth it. I won't try fitting it myself but will get it done by the local yard, I hope.

I'm charging the car battery overnight and hope it will start in the morning.

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