Sunday, 12 December 2010

On the Trent & Mersey at Great Haywood Junction

Sunday 11th December
I decided to go the Wheaton Aston again this week to get some more fuel, now is not the time to be running out of heat. While there the chap serving me gave a good tip to save some of the fuel which comes out from the bottom of our fuel tank in a very dirty state. If I were to leave it to settle and then if the weather is cold enough it will freeze the water in it and I should be able to tip off the pure diesel. Sounds like it's worth a try.
Friday the thaw finally set in and we were able to get water again, yippee! Just in time for this event we finally managed to source some 25ltr. drums to fetch water in ready for the next time we are frozen up. The marina pond is still frozen over and I think it will be some time before boats can move again.
This morning it is once again freezing but I don't think it will last and the water taps are still running, we intend to take water into out tank every day just in case it goes solid again.

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