Sunday, 5 December 2010

Sunday 5th December

We're still frozen in, and there hasn't been any water through the taps all week. With only two drums provided by the marina getting water is pain. We have managed to keep ourselves down to using just the two so only having to make one trip a day. The routine is to haul a trolley from the boat up to the marina office, fill the drums, (if they are not already in use by another boater and you have to wait) and then haul them back through the snow to fill your own tank. When finished return the drums to the office for the next user. Of course laundry on the boat is out and we must use the marina machine, for which there is inevitably a queue.

The sun is shining brightly at present and the forecast says this will continue through Monday although the temperature isn't due to rise above 0ยบ C.

Due to all the ice we have had to postpone our lift out of the water for blacking and a new propellor. When this will now go ahead is down to the fates. However we are at least warm and cosy as the Eberspacher heater is still going strong so we've got our fingers crossed on that score.

Christmas is fast approaching so we really must get our fingers out but I suppose we aren't the only ones not to be ready yet.

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