Sunday, 19 December 2010

More Winter Magic

Sunday 19th December

We managed to continue getting water up until Thursday night when it froze again.

John (my son's father in law) offered us a chance to go to an evening American supper with his rambler group where the speakers were Terry and Monica Darlington, the writers of the well known book Narrow Dog to Carcassonne. The evening was not very well attended because of the weather, but the talk was interesting and we enjoyed the whole evening until we had to drive home. It was snowing heavily enough to keep the car down in third gear most of the way because of the visibility.

The marina froze up again on Thursday night and looks like it will stay that way until at least after Christmas. I'll soon have a chance to try out our new scheme of water fetching, 7 drums at a time in the car instead of 2 at a time in a hand trolley. This should allow us to keep the washing machine going, saving us a fiver at a time in the marina laundry.

This morning the outside thermometer showed -10° C so the central heating is working very hard indeed!

Tomorrow is our 35th wedding anniversary and I've booked us into a hotel in town for the occasion so we're both looking forward to unlimited hot water for the night.

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