Friday, 7 January 2011

Friday 7th January

All change again! By Sunday I was feeling rough and it soon became clear I was going down with flue. I've had the jab so didn't expect it to be too bad. Crank up the heating and just shiver through.

On Wednesday we decided that the main effects of the flue were gone but I had a terrible pain in my chest so decided a visit to the quack was in order. Couldn't get in until Thursday, where she told my I had pleurisy. Luckily, while this is normally a hospital job, this area runs a community based system where a team of nurses come around to your place and administer the drugs in your own home. So here I sit now, getting three times a day visits from the nurse for the drugs, and being told to do nothing. As a basically lazy guy I can live with this!.

After the first course of drugs I soon felt a lot better so things should be the right way up soon.

Cath is the one I feel sorry for because she is having to do jobs she has never done before, particularly emptying the cassettes.

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