Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Wednesday12th January

The nurses have done their job and I'm finished the IV drugs and only have pills to take now. I'm feeling much better but still not back to normal. I have to visit the quack tomorrow to get a better idea of how things are going.

The new heating gave a moments concern on Monday but it was only low on fuel as I haven't been keeping on top of the tank levels. We did have fuel in stock so I transferred 4 drums and bled the system. All is well again.

The neighbours have been tremendous with offers of help, we had to change a gas bottle the other day and after trying myself, I was too weak to even lift the darn thing let alone get into the gas locker. Cue Bruce from Sanity Again, who saw me struggling and promptly popped in in for us. Nice one mate! Also the marina office rang saying they had heard I wasn't well and if they could do anything don't hesitate to ask. Wonderful place.

After getting a bit of cabin fever I decided I was OK to go out for walk around town which was great. Cath decided I needed a new coat as the real cold weather one I have is now old and abused by my having been down in the engine with it a few times. I'm now the owner of cracking new bright red coat. Cath says it's so she can't lose me. Poor deluded thing.

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