Thursday, 20 January 2011

Thursday 20th January

I went to the chandlery the other day to get some sound proofing to put around the new heater. After putting it all over the thing there is no difference in the noise so it would appear that it is conducted and I'll have to try isolating the mounting from the hull some time.

It sometimes seems that everything is failing at once. I suppose the equipment in the boat is now 5 years old so we must expect a few things going wrong.

The latest culprit is the dryer part of our washing machine. The fan motor which circulates the air around decided to give up. I sourced a new one from a local repair shop and they will deliver it as soon as they get it in.

The front bearing on my Roto Zip tool decided to seize up and luckily a local engineering firm were able to remove it from the shaft for me and I should be able to get a new one and pop it back together. This is one of my favourite tools and I don't want to lose it.

Wednesday was Cath's birthday so we went out for a meal at the local pub then retired to the boat for a bottle of wine. A good night.

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