Sunday, 20 March 2011

Nearly ready for the season
Sunday 20th March
The bulk of the painting has now been done and Lyra looks much nicer now with shiny paint where there was ugly rust a while ago. This is no boat show job, just making her look presentable. The other day I was talking to some folk who had just had their boat professionally repainted and while it did look excellent it should have at £5,500!!! I can understand some of the boats we come across who are “very precious” about their boats. I suppose I'd be worried if I'd paid that much for a paint job. I quote the oft used phrase – Narrow boating is a contact sport. There will be many who hate me for that.
On Friday we went out to the Cannock Chase museum for a look-see. Very interesting, we were unaware of the extent of the mining operation around here.
Cath has nearly finished the new curtains now and we've started removing the temporary double glazing, ready to fit them. I'm varnishing around the windows where moisture has gotten in and made a mess of the woodwork.
Oh, nearly forgot, Cath has made some more marmalade, which does nothing for my waistline!!

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