Monday, 28 March 2011

Monday 28th March

We have just had a wonderful few days in Bristol staying with Paul and Jacqui who kindly put us up while Cath and I had A few things to see to.

They had organised a tour of the BBC studios which everyone found very interesting. The tour includes a chance to have a go as Archers actors or TV presenters. It's a great laugh, Cath became a sound effects person, Jacqui presented Points West, and I was cast as the weather man. All in all a great afternoon out. Of course we also did a bit of geocaching, very interesting, and you get to see places locally which you never knew existed.

On Wednesday Cath went out to have an evening with old friends from her time at SMRT school and on Thursday we all went to The Bird in Hand at Saltford to meet with friends from the Marina we spent several happy years on.

Friday we set off back to Stafford and decided to stop and shop at Sainsburys. That was a mistake!

While we were parked up some chap misjudged his parking manoeuvre and scraped along the side of our car. He was very honest though and came into the shop to call us and exchange insurance. By the time we got home his insurance had already organised repairs and the only real nuisance is that we wanted to sell the car this week and now can't until at least Friday which means we have to stay here a little longer than hoped.

The new curtains are now nearly all finished and hung and tomorrow we are planning on going to Birmingham as Cath wants to see an exhibition of pre-Raphaelite drawings in the art gallery.

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