Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Steam engine driving the machinery

With the weather improving recently I have finally started painting the hull side below the gunwale where it gets scraped quite frequently by my wild steering.

With our time in the marina drawing to an end we decided to finally make the time to visit the Gladstone Pottery Museum in Stoke on Trent. When we were near here a few years ago Cath got to see it but I was too busy fixing our old Eberspacher heating unit and didn't go with here. She was very impressed with the place so I decided that while we were here I would take the opportunity to see it for myself.

The place is excellent. The last pottery to use bottle ovens, that was in the '60s, it has been turned into a very good museum with demonstrations of several of the skills from the past, including flower making and painting as well as throwing pots.

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