Friday, 25 November 2011

Friday 25th November
We're still travelling around Leeds using the buses to get the lie of the land. We took a trip out to the White Rose Centre for a browse around. Interesting place, but a bit far out to do the weekly big shop. 
After that I discovered that there is a fairly large Morrison's right in the middle of Leeds, opposite The Light, in The Merrion Centre, so apart from the size or weight constraint we can get most things there.
We went to the market again today, love the place, and we managed to find some things to get for Christmas presents.
This morning I got around to starting to treat some of the rust patches which have appeared over the past season. Unfortunately the rain didn't hold off, so I may well have to re-treat that area.
Just as we were making our way back from the market the wind really got up and we got a bit wet in the shower. It's now blowing quite hard and the rain showers are quite vicious so we're not going anywhere for the rest of the day.

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