Friday, 3 February 2012

Friday 3rd January 2012
It's a cold morning! Still not what we experienced last winter, but still it was -3 C when we got up.
Yesterday I finally got off my lard ass and continued our quest to improve the bathroom. Firstly I removed the old tiles and got the bowl out. The tap followed, but here I encountered a couple of problems. First,  when I installed the water I did put in local isolation valves, but here I had shared the cold line with water to the toilet. Secondly, the new tap I have ordered has different water fittings and I can see problems when I come to install it.
So, with some trepidation I started to cut the hole in one of the large tiles (600X600) to take the bowl. You can imagine that this will take a large part from the middle of this tile and I don't know if I can cut it without cracking it. I managed to get a good start and so far have quite a large hole which needs to be tidied to shape, and the signs are hopeful.
Last night I had to get out of bed to ask our neighbours to please keep the noise down. We are flanked on either side by boats owned by single blokes, and they tend to get together, drink, and make a lot of noise standing on the quay having yelled conversations with people on the shore. They were at least contrite and did shut up. This morning the larger of the two boats started up and began to move. He told me he was moving to the other side of the dock for the night because he intended to have a loud party and didn't want to disturb us again. Very thoughtful!

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