Friday, 4 January 2013

Friday 4th January 2013
Lizmass is upon us!! This is becoming a family tradition, because Damon works shifts and Liz has a lot of pressure at work around Christmas the family has started postponing the main celebrations to the first weekend in the New Year.
The whole thing kicked off last night with a Chinese takeaway for 10 of us. Their dining room will just fit all of us around the fully expanded dining table, admittedly using a bit of shoe horning.
We then retired for chats and catch-ups with friends and family. I dived into a lovely bottle of 10 year old Islay malt supplied by John (thanks mate)
At the end of the evening we were driven back to our boat by John.
This morning we all met up at Leeds Market, where one of the advantages of the timing becomes very apparent: the cost of birds. This year Carol is preparing a 7 bird roast for Lizmass dinner. With Christmas over, the cost of turkey, goose and all the other birds has plummeted. For example a goose which was about £70 before Christmas was selling for £20.
Carol has now retired to her house to start the boning process. I can't wait to see this creation, and hope to put a picture on here sometime.
Cath is getting lessons from Damon on better use of her new toy (a tab) and he's also spent a fair bit of time sorting my laptop, which had picked up some malware.
Our Hurricane heater is one again making dreadful noises and I don't think the compressor will last much longer.

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