Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Wednesday 2nd January 2013
Farewell to 2012, and frankly, on the weather front, good riddance. Of course, don't knock any year you survive and remain vertical.
Cath and I went away for New Year. Paul and Jacqui decided to book a hotel in The Lake District and asked of would like to join them. With no plans of our own we were only too glad accept and on Friday they drove up from Bristol to spend the night here in Leeds before taking us over the Pennines to Ravenstone Hotel near Bassenthwaite Lake.
We all had a fabulous time. The owners and staff were hard working and friendly, nothing appeared to be too much trouble. New Year's dinner was a wonderful affair, all the food beautifully prepared and presented. After dinner there was a quiz and at midnight we had fireworks.

Games after the meal

Cath and Jacqui ready for the meal

During the weekend Paul and Jacqui indulged their favourite hobby of geocaching and we spent a fair bit of time travelling around following the GPS tags of the many caches in the area. We visited many places.

Castlerigg Stone Circle

The lakes are very full
Fine scenery to be admired (no not me)
And we both enjoyed a tramp around the grounds
Last night found us back on board Lyra, saying good bye to them. After the long drive back over the Pennines they still had a fair way to go to return to Bristol. In a week and a half they'll be doing the journey again, coming up here for Cath's birthday celebration on the 19th.
The next thing we have to look forward to is Lizzmas, our family's late celebration of Christmas this weekend. Everything seems to be in place, or on the to-do list. This morning we finished off wrapping the presents and tomorrow we'll take a bus over to Bramley for the start of 'do'.

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