Friday, 1 February 2013

2nd February 2013
We've now had a week of quiet heating, and to add a cherry to that I received confirmation that the new compressor was fitted under guarantee despite the heater being over 2 years old, because it was a faulty design.
The water level in the dock is still going down slowly although the gates remain shut. One blot on the landscape though was that the local elsan and toilet block was out of action. Finally today the repairs were carried out. It seems that at some recent repair a wire had been put in incorrectly, causing the pump to revolve in the wrong direction. Being centrifugal it would still work but be very inefficient.
On Wednesday we went up to town to watch the film Lincoln. Not bad, and it gives some insight into why Obama can't get a lot done.
Thursday I caught the bus up to visit Damon in order to pick up a couple of parcels. One of them was the new vacuum cassette for our toilet that I'd won on ebay. As I feared it was a slightly different model, but it could be modified easily to be used on our unit.
I called round to Bendigo this afternoon where Mike showed me the secondary double glazing system they have. I've not seen anything like this one before. He has portholes, but this could be made to fit windows as well. Acrylic sheet, cut to shape, then trimmed with a special shape of rubber seal so that it just pushes into the window frame, making a tight seal. I'm seriously considering it for Lyra.

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