Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Tuesday 12th February
Quite a productive day. we took a wander up to the West Yorkshire Playhouse this morning and booked seats to see Dr. Faustus. I was fairly surprised that we didn't have any trouble getting good seats. We took a matinee performance on the 7th March. Should be good.
Cath called in at Boots to pick up her new glasses. This is her first pair of varifocals so she's having to get used to them.
On the way into town I got another picture of the Leeds Wheel being erected, it's coming along quite quickly.

Later on we walked up to Leeds Art Gallery. There's an interesting exhibition on at present by Nike Savvas, who seems to do 3D art. We couldn't get in to see some of it because some painting had been done in the exhibit area in preparation for the artist to lecture tonight, but the bit we did see was a very interesting walk through a huge work comprising of floor to ceiling vertical tapes that create a moire effect as you look through several panels giving interference patterns, which could be disorientating if you allowed it.

I also took this picture of a kingfisher. With my record so far of trying to get a decent picture of one, this is probably the best I'm going to get

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