Thursday, 28 February 2013

Thursday 28th Feb 2013
I've been very lazy and not posted recently, mainly because it has been a boring, routine time.
As with most of the UK the weather hasn't been up to much, so getting things done outside hasn't been at the top of my list as I hate the cold.
I did make a start on cleaning the roof though. A broom, some hot water with a bit of caustic in it, and a hose pipe to rinse it off and I was away. The first bowl full got the back half done a treat, so now I don't feel quite so lazy, but I haven't done any more yet.
One of the zips on our cratch cover failed the other day, and with it looking like it needs other repairs through wear and tear we decided to get it looked at. Luckily, one of our neighbours had given me a business card a couple of weeks ago and I remembered that it had mentioned cratch covers so I dug it out gave the chap a ring. Hopefully he's coming to look at the job this weekend.
Yesterday I took myself off to the pictures to see Django Unchained. Cath didn't fancy it as Tarantino is usually a bit on the gory side. I loved it, yes lots of gore, but it's very well done, and you love the hero
Today we finally decided to take a ride on the new Leeds Wheel, here are a few of the pics. Unfortunately, due to a careless oversight by the builders you can't see the river from the wheel!

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