Monday, 11 February 2013

Monday 11th Feb 2013
There hasn't been much going on recently to make it worth blogging about. Our weather hasn't been all that good, but at least it isn't bad enough to comment to much on. We were threatened with snow by the Met Office, but around here it came to nothing. I get the impression that it's 'What hurricane?' syndrome, if it doesn't happen well and good, but if it does at least we told you so.
They've started to build a big wheel in the market car park here in Leeds. I don't know how long it will stay up for, but I'll bet there are a few unhappy car drivers out there.

 A worker clings on
Looks like complicated hydraulics up there on the hub
 It didn't take long to get to this stage
 An impression of its size

Despite the fact that it rained all day yesterday the river is still not too high and our gates remain open so visitor mooring at The Armouries here in Leeds is still available, if you haven't tried it come on, it's a great place.

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