Friday, 5 September 2014

Continuing to Skipton

Friday 5th September 2014
This morning was the first really misty one we have encountered. This truly is the season of "mists and mellow fruitfulness".

Once again we had a lovely lazy start, no rushing at all. We hadn't been travelling long before we came across Laurimar again and paired up for the seemingly hundreds of swing bridges on this section of the canal. (well, there is a lot them anyway)
At Silsden Laurimar decided that they were going to stop for a visit to a laundrette, so we carried on. We weren't alone for more than a few yards as we were joined by Merlin. We have paired with boat before, a couple of years ago I think, but can't remember exactly. There is a hire boat base here at Silsden, and one of their wide beam boats had broken its mooring and was blocking the canal. I jumped off and pushed it clear of us, intending to either re-tie it or tow it to their main wharf for them. Luckily 2 of their staff were already on the way to rescue it so we carried on.
Merlin was a real treat to pair with. The guy was so keen he was running to the bridges and always staying ahead to get there first. I think I managed to get to about 3 of the 10 swing bridges we passed on the way to Skipton. What a star!
I make no apologies for the following piccys. They don't do justice to the scenery we have passed, but I just can't not post a few of them to give a sense of the beauty that is the L&L canal.

We are now tied up in Skipton. Luckily we managed to get a mooring in good place. Just as we arrived a boat pulled out so we dived in.


  1. Woah, it really does look misty out there. Drive safe! These pictures are truly astounding. You are a good photographer! Can’t see the last picture though!


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