Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Moving again

Tuesday 2nd September 2014
Here we are once again on the move. Well, for a little bit anyway.
With the house purchase stalled we decided to take a short cruise up the L&L. This morning we set off from our home in Clarence Dock and started the ascent out of Leeds.
At the first lock, River Lock, which is the start of the L&L canal we came across Grace & Favour yet again. Dave very kindly helped us through the lock, and then did the same for the small cruiser behind us. This was a single hander, very game lad. He walked with a cane but still had a go. We waited at the next lock for him and we paired up for the rest of the day. Brave lad, sharing locks with a 60' steel boat when you're a 25' GRP or wooden cruiser. We didn't crush him, but it was a close run thing in a couple of locks.
There was a keeper at both of the 3 chamber staircase locks, Forge and Newley. The keeper in both cases was accompanied by a security guard. It seems that the local yooofs like to swim in the locks and can get very nasty when asked not to if there is a boat coming. We did see kids swimming in the locks, but no intimidation. The keeper reckoned that the guards do make a difference on the safety side. (for them that is)
We had decided to stop at Rodley for the night, and had hoped to eat at The Railway, a canal side pub. Unfortunately our luck has struck again, they don't serve food on Tuesday nights! A quick dive into the freezer and we dined on a Jambalaya that I had made a few days ago and frozen off.

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