Wednesday, 3 September 2014

On to Shipley

Wednesday 3rd September 2014
Yesterday I forgot the copy the piccys from the camera to the computer, so there were none for the post. here are a few of them.
 Two of the three Italianate towers at Tower Works, Leeds

 Heading out under the main line rail bridge

We soon remember why we love the L&L canal

Casting off from Rodley this morning we were lucky to pick up a pairing with nb Laurimar. This stretch of the canal has a profusion of swing bridges as well as several staircase locks.
The weather wasn't exactly hot, but at least it wasn't raining, the weatherman had promised some sunshine, but once again their promises are like pie crust.
We dawdled along, taking turns at the bridges, Oddies Swing Bridge was particularly recalcitrant and required 3 of use to shift. All the rest weren't too bad,
At Field 3 Locks we caught up with Lady Teal, a hotel boat, but she was just entering the top chamber when we arrived, so didn't cause any delay at all. At Dock Swing Bridge we caught up again with Lady Teal so we didn't have to open that one.
Rising in the middle chamber of Field 3 Locks with Laurimar

We've now pulled in at Shipley moorings and discovered that there is an Aagrah Restaurant here. We did promise ourselves a meal out last night, so hopefully this will make up for it.
At the moment Cath is wrestling with the automated phone system that Curry's have so that we can delay the delivery of the appliances we ordered from them on the understanding that we would have a house to deliver them to. God they are a real pain in the butt. Push loads of buttons only to find that you have to talk to someone, and the wait time is at least 5 minutes. I think it's a premium line as well, so I'll bet they get a kickback from that.

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