Thursday, 11 September 2014

Home again

Thursday 11th September
Setting of this morning from Rodley we must have just missed a pairing. We ended up following a pair down all the locks.
This is a long, arduous run into Leeds, 3 swing bridges, 13 locks and 7 miles. Many of the lock gates are very heavy, quite a few of the paddles don't work, and Lyra being the length she is can be awkward to position to so that the gates can be opened. All in all this is not a journey we look forward to.
When we reached River Lock, the last one of the day, we saw Dave and Jo with Grace and Favour were still moored up at Granary Wharf. Dave came across and helped us with the lock and we had a natter.
We're now back on our mooring at Clarence Dock. We had planned to go out tonight for a meal, but Cath didn't feel up to it so I'm going to pick up a pizza and we'll out, in.
Damon tell me that the new start battery I ordered has arrived so I will pick it up tomorrow.


  1. It's a lucky thing you have a place to move the boat! However, the river doesn't seem too broad!

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