Friday, 1 April 2011

Free at last!

We're off at last! Despite not having sold the car yet we left the marina this morning to continue our journey. In truth we haven't gone far yet because we had to take the car to John in Stafford who has very kindly offered to look after it until it sells. Anybody want an '02 diesel Xsara? It's on ebay.
This morning was interesting for me because while Cath drove the car into Stafford I handled the boat alone for the first time. No trouble apart from the wind while trying to get out of the marina. A very pleasant short run down to Stafford during which I at last saw signs of most of the trees starting to green up.
Cath has now planted up our flower boxes so the top of the boat is looking a little brighter. Tomorrow we'll set off back towards the Leeds & Liverpool and turn east heading for the Ashby Canal.

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