Sunday, 12 June 2011

'Jabula' Restaurant
Oggi, the travel bug
Now I wonder how this works
Sunday 12th June
We've had a lovely weekend. Paul and Jacqui turned up on Thursday afternoon and as soon as their gear was on board we moved off down the Chester staircase locks, a flight of three which drop the canal 33 ft. We then moored for the night in the basin at the bottom. Here we set up the BBQ and had a fine evening demolishing burgers and ribs.
On Friday we set off for Ellesmere Port, picking up Geocaches on the way. Despite the weatherman telling us different it remained dry and warm throughout the morning and we arrived at the Waterways Museum in the early afternoon. Free visitor mooring here is sparse and after asking in the museum we paid for a mooring in one of the locks, next to a small tugboat. Much happier there anyway as the last time we were here some scroat tried to nick my bike from the roof.
Not long after tying up the heavens opened and the promised thunder storm appeared. This cleared through in about an hour so we set out to explore the museum.
Friday night we took ourselves off to Jabula, an excellent South African themed restaurant. This place is located well off the beaten track, and survives by providing great food and a vibrant atmosphere.
Saturday we started back for Chester because Paul had to be at work on Sunday morning, oh the curse of the working class!
It's now Sunday, and the rain started at about 9.00 and hasn't stopped since. To cap it all our Travel Power unit has decided to give up, when it stops raining I'll have a look to see if it's anything simple and if it isn't we could be in for some expensive repairs.

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