Saturday, 18 June 2011

Saturday 18th June
We're still enjoying our forced stay in Chester. The weather could be better, but hasn't been really bad and we haven't been caught out badly by the rain yet. However I did lose our brolly, I left it in one of the stores in town, so I'll have to replace it some time.
I've used some of this time to do a bit of maintenance, oil change, and main fuel filter. Another thing I've looked into once again is the possibility of enlarging the pulley which drives the alternator and water pump to try to get the 12 volt alternator charging more at low RPM. A local boat yard agreed that it should be possible but they couldn't source a suitable pulley to modify for the purpose. It looks as if the next thing is to find an engineering company who would make the pulley from solid, but the cost will probably be prohibitive.
I've also done another bottom pump of the fuel tank and found that it isn't too bad.
Looking forward now to Monday and hope that the new part for the Travel Power turns up as promised.

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