Saturday, 25 June 2011

Liz, Cath & Daniel
Friday & Saturday 24th/25th June
On Friday morning I took a walk along the towpath to the junction to visit the chandlers there. They didn't have what I wanted, a couple of fairleads to handle the centre ropes, but said they could have them on Saturday.
The other piece of info I found out wasn't good news, there is no elsan point here in Middlewich. The next one is Northwich, a day away.
With this in mind we decided to move down onto the Trent & Mersey and start down the flight, mooring on the other side of town. It is actually closer to the town centre, and knocks about an hour of the journey to Northwich on Sunday.
On Saturday we went into town to do some shopping, and I walked back to the chandlers and obtained the fairleads. While in town the rain started, but it wasn't up to much. Back at the boat I started fitting the first of the fairleads, luckily I have a limited set of taps which included the 6mm needed to fix them to the top rail. I got the first one done just as it started to rain again and while I was putting the tools away Liz turned up with Daniel.
After the obligatory cup of tea and chat we went out for a walk to the nearest lock to show Daniel a boat going through.
The weather wasn't good enough to have the picnic we had hoped for, so lunch was taken on the boat. Later we had a bit of a picture taking session and all too soon it was time for them to go home. It was wonderful to see them again and hope to entertain him on the boat for a few days in the future when he is old enough to appreciate what's going on.

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