Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sunday 26th June
This morning the sun showed itself in its June glory. After breakfast a little cloud was showing but this soon dissipated and we plodded along in boiling conditions. I love it, but Cath had to retire for a while to the cool of the front deck where there was some shade.
Just after leaving the mooring we passed through Middlewich Big Lock. This is a double width lock which can no longer be used by wide boats because some years ago a wide aqueduct between here and Preston Brook, the end of the canal, was replaced with a narrow one, so all this lock serves to do is to allow two boats to use it at a time. This is handy at busy times, like this.
We continued north, heading for The Anderton Boat Lift. Anderton services is nearest service block to Middlewich so we had to move today as our 'cans' were nearly all full after a few days moored up.
We've now got a nice spot just outside the boat lift and we'll have to decide our next move tonight.

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