Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Another lovely cold morning, but because it's the middle of Leeds we're a lot warmer than many out there.
We had a lovely day yesterday. Decided to take the train to York for a look around. because the weather was so foul this year we didn't manage to get up The Ouse so we took this opportunity.
A day return is only £11.40 and takes just around 30 minutes.
Here the river is looking a lot more benign than it has of late, but it's still higher than when Lyra last visited in 2007.

We decided to visit Jorvik and York Minster.
  Looking down the Nave

 The west window of York Minster

 This is a mock up of the east window, hung in place while the original is being re-furbished. it looks very realistic.
Underneath it you can just see The Orb, a small exhibition of some of the restoration work on the window.
There are also very interesting displays of stone masonry as well.

We haven't been to the Jorvic Centre for many years, in fact since 1984 when it was first opened. Much has changed of course, and it's an attraction which we can thoroughly recommend to anyone visiting York. I didn't get any useful photos of Jorvik because of restrictions.

 When we returned to our mooring it was already dark so I got this picture of Clarence Dock dressed up ready for Christmas.

And this is our small contribution to the festive season.

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