Saturday, 15 December 2012

Saturday 15th December 2012
My visit to the dentist went off smoothly and I now have a smooth end to the tooth again. Always a bit of a pot luck when you choose a new mouth vet, but this one seems OK.
The cold weather has shown up the fact that our central heating wasn't working at peak efficiency. On Thursday and Friday it seemed to struggle to get the boat up to temperature, so this morning I had a bit of a poke around and discovered that the inlet air filter for the compressor was a bit blocked. Replacing it brought the flame back to its usual shape, and the temperature of the fluid is back to its 'I can't touch the radiators' point. Lovely and warm again!
I always do a jigsaw while we're moored up for winter, and this year is no exception. Last summer I swapped one with Ian, who we shared a lot of the L&L with earlier this year, and it's now nearly completed. Embarrassingly I can't remember the name of his boat, but I'm sure we'll meet again somewhere around the system.
This morning I picked up our hire car from Enterprise and we motored down to Barnsley with a box of chocolates for my Auntie Bobbie's 90th. Gail and Derek were there as we expected. Gail has a lot to answer for in life as it was she who introduced Cath and I when they were both students. I must add that I don't regret it!!
Tomorrow we'll do a raid on Morrison's and then use the car to get a load of diesel for the boat from Normanton.

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