Friday, 21 December 2012

Friday 21st December 2012
Yesterday was our 38th wedding anniversary, but we decided to postpone the celebration meal until today. Lucky really, as yesterday's weather was foul and we had to walk about a mile to the restaurant.
Despite the forecast, this morning dawned wet and once again we thought "Those pillocks at The Met Office have got it wrong again!", but it cleared up to just a dull day and we wandered  along to Bibi's, a lovely art deco Italian restaurant here in Leeds. The meal was wonderful as we had hoped and expected.
This afternoon we've been relaxing here on board and will be heading off to bed as soon as I've finished this because Damon has just phoned to say that there's been a slight change of plan for tomorrow. Instead of picking us up mid morning to go shopping, to avoid the crush and queuing he'll be picking us up at 6.30!!! Oh joy.
With the further forecast rain I expect that The Aire will rise again overnight. Today we could still see the weir at Crown Point Bridge, and I expect if the rain continues over the next day or so that the weir will become just a ripple in the water, and Leeds Lock gates will be submerged. If that happens I hope to get some photos to put in here.

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