Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sunday 16th December 2012
It's been a busy weekend for us. Saturday morning I picked up the hire car from Enterprise, and later we drove down to Barnsley for my aunt's birthday.
We stopped off in the center of of Barnsley for a spot of lunch only to find the place crawling with policemen. there was a late afternoon kick-off football match, which was a local derby so the militia were out in force and most pubs had large signs on the doors saying HOME FANS ONLY. Very welcoming.
We finally found a Costa and settled for a sandwich and coffee before going around to her house.
We spent a pleasant afternoon chatting to family and but only stayed a couple of hours because at 90 Bobbie gets tired easily.
On the way back we stopped off at a supermarket to get something for our dinner and then just settled back with a good meal and a bottle of wine.
Sunday I had to move the car before 10 am because of parking restrictions, so I fished all our empty fuel cans out of the boat and set off for Normanton, where there is a garage selling red diesel at a reasonable price - 85 ppl.
When I got that lot back to the boat Cath told me that we were expecting a visit from the family. Not just Damon, Liz,and Daniel, but her father John and his fiance Sara. They stayed for about an hour and then we went shopping again, for a more substantial selection of things, including the all important wine, gin and whiskey. No, I'm not alcoholic, YET.
Just when I thought that was it for the day, the loo can went red, so I had to trundle that down to the disposal point.
That's it now, I'm settled in for the night and it'll take a stick of dynamite to move me.

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