Thursday, 15 July 2010

After dumping rubbish and a can this morning we set of intending to get to Hungerford. This was nine locks and a few miles down the cut. The weather was very blustery making maneuvering quite tricky.One moored boat we passed looked decidedly loose on its ropes and while we were waiting for the next lock to fill we noticed that his pins had pulled out completely allowing the boat to swing right across the cut blocking everything. Every now and again we would get a sharp shower, but the sun shone for a lot of the time. The trip was easy and we found a nice mooring above the town lock.
I went into town this afternoon and was disappointed to find that the very nice delicatessen which this town once boasted has gone to the wall, and to add insult to injury the premises is now a kebab shop.
The internet connection here is very slow as it has been for several days now. I can't even get a map reference to add to this entry,because it keeps dropping out.

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